September 10, 2021

August 16, 2021

"Okay so this is a story within its self. Sunday I got my car towed to a tire shop cause I left work with a nail and it was flat and not fixable. And a great great guy name Jared helped me. Later that night when I got off work my tire popped off and caused damage to my car from Big O’s tire shop “complimentary tire rotation “ they didn’t skrew all my lug nuts in right in my tire. So I called the quality tow to take my car back to the shop and Jared came to the rescue again. He was really helpful. He was a good samaritan to me❤️ I know if I ever need a tow again I have a reliable company and guy who will help me."
August 15, 2021

"I didn't use them but when I called them they were working an accident and promised they'd call me when they were done. They actually called back requesting my exact location but I had already been helped. I thank them for that much."
May 4, 2021

February 23, 2021

"After having just had my car jump-started by a friend, I barely made it across the bridge into North Lawrence before my car stalled out and the engine would not turn over. With my car blocking traffic and before I could figure out who to call, a Quality Tow & Recovery truck pulled up and asked if I needed a jump. After turning his truck around, it took no time at all for the guy to get my car jumped and running. In my haste to get my car out of traffic, he wouldn't accept payment and I failed to catch his name, but it was an act of kindness for which I'm extremely grateful! Thank you for the timely, generous help! I'll definitely call you on you the next time I need some help!"
Quality Tow & Recovery LLC